Monday, June 3, 2013

Hanford Nuclear Reservation Doesn't Disappoint Mr. Han

I saw an interesting article yesterday in the Florida Today Sunday paper. In the article, they discuss the Hanford Nuclear Reservation located in Eastern Washington. What caught my eye is the extent at which the 56 Million gallons of toxic waste has been leaking into the area surrounding the facility. 

Now why would this be of note in a blog like this?

If you've read The Card, you might recall Van's science teacher, Mr. Han. Van, Zoe and Fred go to him to help solve the mystery behind Van's Moe Berg baseball card. Han is a paranoid genius—constantly on the lookout for the next government conspiracy. In the story, Mr. Han is sure that the Hanford facility is leaking nuclear waste into the Columbia River.

I guess this is another case of fiction mimicking reality. The U.S. Energy Department solution is to build one of the largest industrial construction projects in the nation, both in cost and sheer size. This vitrification plant will encase the nuclear wasted in glasslike logs for disposal deep underground. Set to be operational in 2019, it's estimated that all the waste won't be treated until 2047!

Looks like Mr. Han was on to something.

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