Writing Services and Freelance Projects

Bring current, real-life experience to your project. Tell me your concept and you will see your idea transform onto paper or web page quickly without multiple revisions.

Jim Devitt has over 20 years experience in the growth and development of healthcare facilities, products and services. Devitt will schedule a free consultation to discuss your project and lay out a timeline for completion.

His expertise ranges from sales and marketing to research and publishing of peer reviewed articles. Jim has the unique ability to take technical or scientific jargon and deliver a message in layman's terms to patients or business professionals.

Currently, Jim consults in the healthcare field developing web content, sales, marketing, SEO articles and product information.

Areas of engagement include:
Social Media Coaching
Marketing Programs
Writing and Editing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Articles & Press Releases
Creative Writing
Ghost Writing & Books
Sales Materials

In the following industries:

Financial Services
Healthcare Services
Pharma & Biotech
Advertising & PR
Printing & Publishing
Children’s/Teen market

Contact Jim directly at jimdev7 at gmail dot com for quotes or a free consultation

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