Devitt Consulting - Social Media Marketing & Healthcare Consulting

Your Success

In today's economy, connecting with your patients and  keeping them informed through social media and mobile technology is more important than any time in history.

Devitt Consulting works with medical, dental and  other healthcare facilities to introduce, set-up and manage your entry into social media marketing.

We have the unique ability to isolate your target patient base and fine-tune a campaign to your geographic region.

Our constant re-evaluation will assure success for building your practice brand. 


Our background in the clinical and administrative components of a healthcare practice give you an advantage in social media marketing.

Our proven programs have shown tremendous growth in this new field. We will walk you through the confusing world of Tweets, Posts, Blogs, Pins and Likes while focusing on your professional image and your practice "brand."

Each program is tailored to your specific interests and needs, leaving you with as much or as little interaction as you wish.

Monitoring of review sites will help maintain your brand identity and deal with any negative comments before they become a problem.


The downfall of most social media marketing programs is consistency.

At Devitt Consulting, we will work with you to develop a plan months into the future to keep consistent and meaningful content in front of your patients.

Our customized programs may include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Socl and Blogs.

Developing the program isn't everything. We will monitor progress through key performance indicators and share these results with you monthly.

Healthcare Consulting

Billing, First Party Contact Series and Third Party Collections

When you first started in healthcare, did you dream you would be operating a free clinic one day a week? Did you go into practice to moonlight as a collections agent? At Devitt Consulting, we will walk you through each step of the revenue cycle to determine the best fit--internal flow and policy changes, outsourced/co-sourced or third party intervention.

Insurance Resolution Solutions

Medical Insurance Process Improvement.  Third Party impact to speed up slow paying insurance claims at pennies on the dollar.

Practice Improvement Assessment

Strategic Consulting including operation and process flow to maximize revenues.

Ala Carte menu of services
  • Extended Business Office
  • Insurance billing, re-billing and follow-up
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Clinical Appeals, RAC Review Program
  • Out-of-State Medicaid eligibility
  • Charity Care Identification
  • Investigative Services