Monday, March 26, 2012

Feedback on the ABNA from a fan!

I had to share this comment from a fan of The Card which appeared on in response to my last blog post on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. You can see the original post that she was referring to at this link.

Pasted directly from Goodreads 
... by Moira:
I did not find myself distracted by cliches, and I definitely didn't find the characters to be stereotypes, so in that sense I disagree with the reviewers. I think you may have been hindered by the fact that they only read an excerpt, because I think the character development, particularly Van's discovery of his own internal strength, is the strongest aspect of the book, though it may be more subtle. Regardless of the outcome, congrats on your strong reviews and the consideration for this award, not too shabby for your first book! I am really looking forward to the sequel! 

With fans like these, who needs contests? Thanks so much for your feedback Moira.

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