Saturday, April 23, 2011 Review is in...and it's a Hit!

Please check out BookDads for the latest review of The Card. There's a spoiler alert in the review because of the emotional nature of some of the events. Here is an exert of the review by Chris Singer:

...The Card is a fast-paced, entertaining action-adventure story both fathers and sons can read and enjoy together...
... All in all, a terrific first effort by Jim Devitt. The Card is the first of what looks like a series of Van Stone novels. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the author is going to take this series. I’m especially interested in seeing if there is further development around some of the themes discussed above. I think many other readers will be looking forward to this as well...

Book Dads mission is to highlight books which show fatherhood in a positive light. Some of the content they hope to bring to you includes:
* Book reviews
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* Advice and resources for dads to help promote reading to their children
* Parenting resources for dads

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