Monday, July 22, 2013

The Many Faces of Jim Devitt

As many of you know, I worked the visiting clubhouse for the Seattle Mariners a Major League Baseball team. Since I worked for the visiting teams, I would wear the uniform of the visiting team. That put me in a bunch of different uniforms. 

I figured I would share some of those looks, both good and really bad. Yes, it was the late seventies, but that's no excuse as to how geeky some of these pictures are ...

Here's a little pre-game action while sporting the Kansas City Royals blue traveling uniform.

I look a little lost hanging on the field before the game in my Yankees uniform. I wonder if Chris Chambliss was laughing at my Geek-A-Tron look.

How about this look ... styling the California Angels uniform and posing for the camera on opening night? 

This one is a little later. Here I'm traveling on the road with the Mariners. We hit Anaheim
and Oakland on this road trip. I would spend some time on the field during batting practice and infield practice prior to the game. The best part was, everyone thought I was a player. In the sequel to The Card, Van Stone goes on a road trip with the Mariners, you'll get a chance to follow his travails while on the road when the book comes out later this fall. A fan (maybe one day I'll tell that story here) took this picture of me coming off the field. I later found out her name was The Dragon Lady.

I displayed some of my memorabilia at a show in September of 1979 and won a silver medal, their top honor. However, I didn't win anything for looks.

Each year, we played a clubhouse World Series in the Kingdome between the visiting clubhouse and the Mariners clubhouse. We would win every year. Here's a picture of our motley crew after winning the championship. This was sometime in the 1980's, not
sure the exact year. You can tell that we're starting to lose that '70's look. One of my best friends today, Mark Honeycutt, is second from the left, next to me in the middle of the back row.  I met him when he was twelve, I had been at the Mariners for a couple of years. We became great friends, and later, I was the best man in his wedding. Also pictured, is my little brother, Jeff, in the green shirt kneeling in the front row. I brought him in as a bat boy in the mid '80's and he spent several years at the Kingdome as well.

Here's another shot of me in a Yankee's uniform. Billy Martin is telling me to give something to some friends of his in the stands. He had a reputation, but was always great with me.

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