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An Analysis of Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

My brain on research
I attended a webinar a while back that provided some interesting stats. The data came from one of the leaders in social media marketing, Hubspot. The results provided some surprises, both with what did happen and what didn’t happen.

I think there are some takeaways that we can implement in our own social media marketing.

Starting with Twitter, the key to successful tweeting are links. The click-through rate is significantly higher when including links in the body of your tweet. Not surprisingly, conversational tweets don’t do much for moving your platform forward. 

Your goal should be to have links in about 70% of your tweets.

What words are most effective in your tweets? The top three in achieving a click through are 
#1) breaking (as in breaking news)
#2) sports
#3) free. 

Conversely, the three worst words to have in your tweet … iPhone, giveaway, and photography

Shifting to blogging, there were a few interesting tidbits. I’ll start with the day of the week for posting. Monday through Friday averaged about the same when it came to views and click-through rate. Saturday had the lowest number of views and click-through rate. 

The most read time of day for blogs was 10:00 a.m. Morning was statistically significantly better for posting the blogs with the peak at 6 a.m. – 7 a.m.

When looking at headlines with the best click-through rates, the following words must be included to come out on top:

Insights                                    Analysis

Answers                                   Questions

Advice                                      Review

Top                                          Best

The least clicked on titles included these words—franchise, special, and futures.

An interesting side note that the research illuminated is regarding comments on blogs. Many times, we look at the comment quantity as an indication of the strength of the blog or popularity of the blog, but their research showed that there was no significant difference with click-through rate to the number of comments. In other words, blogs with few comments were being read as much as blogs with many comments.

When looking at the most effective ways to get people to your site, paid advertisement ranks number one

Surprisingly, email was number two followed by social media. That shows us how important it is to capture emails in subscription links or online offers like free eBooks, white papers, etc. In their research, email links were clicked far more frequently than social media links.

Lastly, when offering a download or opportunity from your site, the “button” plays a big role. You will see the highest click-through rate with either a “Click Here” or “Go” button. What types of buttons should you avoid? There was a statistically significant decrease in click through rate with “submit,” “download,” and “register.”

I was impressed with the research; it was well thought out and analyzed with statistical methods and the sample size was bigger than anything that I’ve seen to date.

I won’t offer much in the way of editorial comments. Take what makes sense to you. I know that I’ll think twice now when constructing titles and links. I hope that you find some of this interesting and can tweak your online presence for the better.

A version of this post written by  originally appeared in Indies Unlimited 

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