Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Interview at Book Blather Blog

A big thank you to Marilee Brothers for my guest interview on the Book Blather Blog. Marilee's blog is a place where people  come together to share comments, opinions and reviews about the books they are reading. 

How did I get involved? 

Well, you can read it straight from her perspective ... "As a writer of young adult fiction, I try to keep an eye on the market. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the majority of YA authors are women writing books about and for girls. When I met Jim Devitt on LinkedIn, I knew I wanted him to do a guest blog. Not only is Jim a man writing young adult fiction, his baseball theme and protagonist, Van Stone in The Card are a winning combination for young male readers who have been largely overlooked in the marketplace."

Check out the full interview and her other comments here.

If you would like to support a fellow author from the Pacific Northwest, you can check out her Young Adult novels on her site.

Operation Ebook Drop for the Military

Just received a email from one of our troops serving in Afghanistan. She downloaded an ebook version of THE CARD! Operation Ebook drop is a free service for all actively deployed military. I am honored to help out in this small way.